About us

It’s our job to make sure the right people are finding you online and that their first impressions keep them coming back for more.

Oree Virtual is a values-driven, full-service digital agency shifting power alongside historically excluded communities across the globe. Using accessible and ethical technology, we support our clients to root into their own power and autonomy, meet their missions, and create compelling online presences.

We envision a livable future for us all where everyone has equal and fair access to tech, thus reducing our reliance on oppressive systems to access the resources we need to thrive. In this world, we use technology to regenerate, support, and protect ourselves, our communities, and liberation near and far.

Meet the team!

Verónica Silva (she/ella)

Verónica Silva (she/ella)

Operations Director

Vero loves connections among people, and doing whatever she can to support livable futures for all. As a bilingual (english and spanish) youth and community organizer from the deserts of Nuevo México, her work and life have focused on climate justice, care for our waters, las ciencias, mutual aid, clean energy, and honoring roots.

Vero is our Operations Director at Oree Virtual and lives on Arapaho, Lipan Apache, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations lands (Colorado, USA) with her dogs and partner.

Samantha Pennington (she/they)

Samantha Pennington (she/they)

Oree Virtual Founder

Welcome. I’m Samantha, the sci-fi & fantasy novel obsessed founder behind Oree Virtual.

I started this business for many of the same reasons you probably started your own. However, I fell in love with my business the moment I began to unite what I do best, tech and design, with supporting the exhilarating work of the changemakers around me. I know how difficult it is to be a business owner. As a young queer woman, I understand there are additional struggles faced by those of us fighting to make it in roles that, traditionally, we’ve been left out of.

Above all, I feel in my bones how badly the world needs more women, more people of color, more LGBTQIA+ folks, and other underrepresented people in positions of power.

Working together, we can make the biggest, boldest, and most crucial changes in our world.

Leading with my values and putting my skills out there, I started connecting with the most awe-inspiring people.

In just a matter of months after naming my business (Oree is the name of a character in my favorite fantasy novel    I told you I’m obsessed! ?), I was able to completely replace the income I made as an employee and then some. All that plus the fact that I get to eat whenever I want and choose who I work with? I was hooked and I’ve never looked back.

Now Oree Virtual has evolved into this full-service digital agency, this community of people, who share a vision and values and who are honored to provide services that make impacts through the work of our change-making clients.

So what exactly do we do?

Build remarkable websites that work.

Design purposeful graphics like logos, infographics, e-books, and more that will get you noticed and establish your business as credible, professional, and valuable.

Craft brands that clearly represent the core values of your business and target your ideal audience and create brand strategies that ensure consistency and relevance.

Finally, we optimize each of these elements so that, not only will your audience come to trust you and your brand’s authority, but so will search engines.

We also specialize in helping those of you who struggle to keep up with ever-evolving technology.

Business owners develop some kind of superpower when it comes to juggling all of the responsibilities of owning and operating their business. But in this tech-driven world where it seems like every day, there’s a new program to master, a new platform to promote on, and a new system to install, even superheroes need help.

We’ll never get frustrated, we’ll always take the time, and we can walk you through new technology step-by-step starting from wherever you need… Or we can just do it for you! Serving our clients is our pleasure and we adapt our work to your individual needs.

Why should you work with us?

Our status as bona fide tech wizards and our extensive experience has allowed us to hone our skill sets and knowledge-base making us the valuable resource you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level.

You won’t find many businesses out there who are as truly and deeply invested in your success as we are.

See what our clients are saying

Check out our testimonials...

See what our clients are saying

Check out our testimonials...

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